Importance of free time for children

We are obsessed about hard work in modern times. Its all about productivity.

We make to-do-lists. We use apps, we fill our days with as much things as possibl.

We want same for our children. We want them to work, think, do something, learn something all the time. We want them to achieve big things. And we make routines for them where they have little time to relax.

An average child has to ‘WORK” at least 8 hours a day, and then modern day children have more sensory stimulation via technology, gadgets etc.

To achieve great results RESTING is more important than the ACTION

But we forget that in order to reach greater heights and do something big, rest and retract is more important than doing the work itself.

What do i mean ?

Let’s take example of this catapult, just how the more you pull back the stone, the farther it will go

The more you will relax, the better you will be at work when you do.

No matter how compelling, it is very important to realise that trying too much “with good intention” is counter productive.

If you don’t retract the elastic, the stone won’t go ahead and far

In bodybuilding, time spent resting and sleep is more important than time spent in the gym lifting weights

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This is no rocket science,

If you keep working out regularly and don’t take enough rest and breaks, you won’t develop muscle and good health. Though it may look like you are “wasting” your time. Sleeping more, You must remember that rest is what makes the best athletes, best.

Without rest, you won’t make the gains and in fact have losses.

Brain is also a muscle so it needs to rest, process, recover

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Brain is also a muscle that needs rest, to process, to rest, to recover so it can bounce back and work at its best when it does .

Constant stimulation is just going to be counter productive and not useful.

Like most things in life, Less is more! Children are no exception!

Children need free time, out in the nature, unwatched.

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