Success Case study – Christopher Nolan

By priyank

Christopher nolan is one indigenious voice in the world of films.

how is he different – unique voice

this reflects in his short film- doodlebug

How he “learnt” film making –

he started making films when he was small. Of course, some guidance helped. But because he had autonomy he was original and created stories that were unique and amazing.

Opting out of a traditional film education, he pursued “a degree in something unrelated … because it gives a different take on things.” He chose UCL specifically for its filmmaking facilities, which comprised a Steenbeck editing suite and 16 mm film cameras.[27] Nolan was president of the Union’s Film Society, and with Emma Thomas (his girlfriend and future wife) he screened 35 mm feature films during the school year and used the money earned to produce 16 mm films over the summer

Key takeaways from Christopher nolan’s life:

  • Autonomy
  • Doing things for passion of act not for degree or – enjoying the journey
  • Passions develops in younger age the most
  • engaging into Unrelated activities interest in occult and those thoughts translated into films
  • It is ok to do multiple things at a time
  • It is never so much about resoures – now is the right time

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