If you are a parent or someone who is in control of a child’s life . We are ready to be the childhood advocate with you on the judge’s seat.

We will make you the judge and present the case in favour of childhood. For its freedom. To protect the childhood. For the children’s rights.

But for us to be able to do that. You have to be fair listener. You wil have to objectively listen to the facts. And understand them. You will need to spend time and understand.

We cannot help you if you are not ready to work like a TEAM . And open for IDEAS and LEARNING yourself.

If you want to hire us, so that we can help your child succeed in exams, or become a topper , then we might not want to help. But if you want your child to have a happier, fulfilling life. To be more successful in LIFe and not in exams. And it could possibily be academics too,

Then we can talk.

What we offer:

  • Guidance , answers related to unschooling.
  • Resources, internships, workshops for children.
  • Help in designing a LIFE outside the school for your child.
  • Reviewing the process and progress child development
  • Networking with likeminded people. Exchange and travel programs
  • Group buys, organize travel programs interaction.

What we don’t offer

  • We are not a coporation we are not here to serve you, but guide you.
  • We want to enable YOU to take the driving seat and we will be there to assist, and provide feedback should you face any issues.
  • We are not “pay us money and forget it” type of service.
    We don’t care how much you pay us, we won’t work with you if you do not have the orientation and time to learn the basics of unschooling. No amount of money can change this because this goes against the spirit of this project.

We have two options.

One 2 one – parents single child / learning groups consult

  • Guidance and day to day functioning of playgic centers – parenting groups.
  • Design homeschooling programs
  • Lifeculum guidance
  • Career advice
  • Interactive unschoooling webinars/programs

Schools and edu Institutions

Schools and education institutions have the infrastructure that if put to good use can help children in living the best of their childhood.

The societal structure has changed in last couple of decades. We don’t live in joint families anymore. Where children used to interact, play and learn with others.

  • Teacher training
  • Unschooling while in school
    understanding the core concepts of unscholing that is
    • self directed learning