Core Ideas – Basics

I don’t know what brought you here, may be you are a parent or an educator. Someone recommended you this blog. May be you are looking for homeschooling your child. Or someone who is struggling to manage your child’s academics.

I don’t know.

My goal here is to simply encourage people to deindustralise, de-institutionalize childhood. And the final goal is prosperous and harmony. Both within parents and children internally and amongst each other.

I have written hundreds of articles on this blog sharing my thoughts and ideas on why and how to unschool children. And not just why but also what and how.

How to design a life after the school menace goes away from the child’s life.

If this is your first time visiting this site. Consider this page as an index to understand the main concepts and you can always check out the menu and the sitemap to find random articles.

Before we start

For some of you, the idea of not sending your child can be very daunting and obnoxious sounding. School is a belief system that is generally not questioned or tested. Kind of lke religion. It is a social activity, implemented by an authority and followed by the masses to comply with the society that they live in.

Most people born and lived in last few decades have either been to school or sent their children to school. Without really thinking “Is there an alternative?”. “Is the investment worth it?”

Deep down inside though we all know that schools are not updated, not relevant. That learning in school is usuallly not applicable in real life.

But we still opt for schooling for our children. This is because we don’t find the courage to NOT follow the SYSTEM everyone else is following.

Now, to walk a path different from our tribe is difficult. Our primal instincts we feel safe when we are walking with everybody else.

It is only when we understand how harmful the path is, when we really know the details. We get the power to walk on the path irrespective of the fact that others are walking with us or not.

The details are the God, the knowledge and understand is the power. And this is what we are aiming to do here on this site. Give you this power. So that you can confidently tread on the path of unschooling and even hopefully become a torch bearer of the idea.

What is unschooling?

Unschooling is more than not sending your child to a school.

School by the term itself is closely connected with the idea of industrialisation/factories. (read: Why schools are irrelevant)

Let’s understand the idea of schooling. What it really means.

Core elements of schooling

  • Standardization,
  • compartmentalization,
  • control
  • Lack of self directed freedom

We believe that these elements are not healthy for a child’s growth and emotional and mental development. This is what we dessiminate in this blog and further.

Core principles of unschooling

  • Self directed learning
  • Self paced self interest
  • Intra learning
  • Living/doing rather than planning/preparing
  • Project based Learning
  • Non sequential learning
  • One thing at a time, multiple things but flexible

There’s a great deal of science and psycholigcal explaning on why this unschooling natural life is best for a child.

And our aim here on this blog is simply to go into details and scientifically explain the stakeholders how schooling is very harmful for your children. We do it in every way possible. Memes, charts, explainers, books, articles, stories, experiences.

The next topics covered in the blog would be:

  • Literacy vs education
  • Life skills
  • Assessements and certifications
  • More..

This is just a start, i wil keep adding more content as i organize the blog gradually. To stay updated you can Join the discussion. No question is stupid.

Meanwhile check the Blog for latest articles and category/topic wise

Switching to unschooling

  • Patience – free time
    If you

  • Process more important than the goal