Can you really measure human intelligence in numbers?

By priyank

No you cannot, this is like trying to to count the uncountable universe.

Just how there are some things money can’t buy. There are some things you cannot count.

Human intelligence is one of those things.

There are so many permutations combinations to human life. You can never objectively plan it and label a number on it.

human brain is not a man made machine.

Man made machines have limited specific functions. It is finite and quantifiable. A computer, no matter how advanced, is reasonablly countable in its strength.

Most geniuses school marks were inversely proportional to how well they did in their life.

But when it comes to humans, the human brain machine is so complex

and organic that you cannot quantify it.

it is like trying to count the Stars in the sky.

Human brain, no matter how dumb , can do amazing things what the most smart top ranking, top scoring brains cannot.

human brain is not a man made machine, it cannot be quantified in exact numbers. An attempt to quantify human intelligence in numbers is a failed lousy counter productive exercise.

It is also over done, and taken as a gospel truth of a child’s intelligence.

that’s is damaing to the child.

You don’t need to be an education scientist to know that these marksheets and numbers mean nothing.

This is only a test of

  1. A memory test –
    How much someone remember. Now in LIFE you don’t have to REMEMBER things, you have to have the LIFE SKILLS to FIND and USE information. TO make SENSE of information.
  2. Luck and timing
    What came in question paper. That someone scoring less might actually be better in that topic just was nt given proper time and freedom to explain in other medium.

Many children who score less in exams, develop a self fulfilling prophecy that they are less intelligent. And on the opposite, children scoring high numbers think they are better equipped to face the world.

both of them are living in an illusion and this damages them psychologically.

Later in life, the LIFE’s test , the REAL LIFE TEST RESULTS vary a lot.

Someone who scored 100% in academic life might struggle to get passing numbers in LIFE. And someone who failed in test in school might be a champion at life.

That’s the GOAL of this project. To highlight the fact that SCHOOLS are a tiny little part of life. Academics are NOT life. As much the modern industrialized media wants you to believe.

Don’t replace life with schools,

Most adults know it but they still send their child, because?

So what is the solution? Should we have no exams no tests no assessments?

I am not against academic assessment. But those academic assessment should be suggestive and not accurate sounding in numbers.

And definitely not a declaration of intelligence.

Schools and academic learning is 20% of life. Its like the difference between literate and educated. Information vs story.

Besides, an assessment does not need to be formally done,, especially in younger years. For example, if i am teaching English to a child, why do i need to take a formal test to see how good or bad he is reading?

Life is more than Math, science, and compartmentalized subjects. No school teaches, confidence, risk taking, teamwork, exploration, finding solutions, testing, failure.

Life needs all of this. Not just one thing.

Also, life is a process, you cannot assess someone fairly on how they performed ONE day at one time. If you really want to assess.

What do i mean by that?

Well, lets say, i want to asses

Last but not the least, there are some things that just cannot be assessed at all

You can calculate how much time it will take trekking through the jungle. but if i ask you to tell me in numbers how good you felt when you reached the top, the joyful experience, peace and calmness. Can you count and put an accurate number on it?

You can test and assess few things, like how many words a child knows. Or how complex math questions he can solve. But you can never exactly assess his intelligence, team building, risk taking, problem solving skills. And you don’t need to do that either.

Because life offers so many permutation and combinations that you just cannot do a comprehensive accurate TEST and you just cannot have an algorithm that can count it.

simply not possible!

This whole obsession of trying to industrialize everything and put a number to every damn thing in number is a greedy nature of humans who want to take control and find certainty in everything.

It is part of consumerist world. Which is obsessed with money and numbers.

But just remember that this whole process is basically counter productive.

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