“Casual chats” teaches more than classroom

By priyank

I was volunteering at an NGO, and once the managing director invited a college professor and his family for dinner.

The professor was teaching sociology at college. He was really passionate about his subject and we knew, that the topics at the dinner table would be about politics, communism, right wing thinkers, karl marx etc.

That professor had a daughter who was officially studying engineering. She was probably 20 year old.

But she also took part in the discussions about politics. And she had a very good understanding of the political discussions. Sometimes she would even counter her father about some points and even correct a sociology professor about the facts and persepctives.

I was amazed at her knowledge about political events. She remembered the smallest events , the dates and quotes by famous philosophers. The authors , books.

i mea her knowledge was so good, that would put any sociology student to shame.

That really intrigued me, so i asked if she studied sociology as hobby or at least in school.

And she told me that she never studied political science “formally”, and her source of knowledge is general interest in the topic and she has grown up in an environment where these kind of “casual discussions” were common.

We all do this. We all know this. We are best at things when

  • We get an environment where we observe and create interest
  • it is a casual hobby for us.

Why do we learn better in a casual environment

The casual environment is more human. In the sense that it does not follow a sequence, but directly starts from stories and debates.

The language is non-literary, so its easier digested by the brain.

Last but not the last, casual talks are not done for any degree or materialistic result. But purely for the joy of conversation.

When we are not worried about the outcome, we don’t do things that are not working and leave them at bay.

The day, we make science or maths a casual thing, building an environment childre will start loving them. And the day, you theoriticize cinema, children will sleep in movie studies.

Its not the information that is boring , it is the format and style of classroom teaching. The industrialized non-human approach in the classroom. That makes any topic under the sun, uninterested , vague and boring.

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