Classroom learning model

By priyank

Classroom learning model is mostly limited to

  • reading,
  • writing (copying)
  • and memorizing

Now of course, some information is indeed retained in the process. But if you compare this with free/natural way of learning the classroom progress is slow and sluggish.

None of the outcomes in classroom is something that can’t be achieved by self reading.

Now the only difference, is nobody really reads textbooks out of interest and passion. Or write questions and answers.

The only thing that school and classroom does is, forcefully make a child read, reproduce , write, memorize with least interest.

The learning is usuallly limited to what is written to the textbooks, and does not provide enough clarity so learner could retain and understand information.

Self / natural learning model

When a child learns something outside of textbook. He questions and analyzes that information freely. And looks at it from different angles.

He could talk to people around him about that topic. And also

Why can’t children have same interest in textbook classroom topics?

Nothing in world is black and white. So yes, sometimes students to take interest in a particular

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