How to prepare for learning

By priyank

Our brains build information from something we already have seen in the past. it is constantly finding connections and relations to what we have ALREADY seen and experienced.

Importance of concept development before learning anything and why more variety of experiences enable someone in better learning

Now this goes very deep than usual “contextual” learning that we talk about. I am not talking just about the basics of a subject before moving on to

Here i am talking about how brain recognizes and learns patterns as it lives and goes through life and then use those learnings to learn something new.

When a child is born, it observes everything with great seriousness. You must see how a child keenly observes whatever he sees. For him everything is NEW, and he is constantly looking at things, shapes, colors, people and making connections and LEARNING how the world operates.

What will happen if a new born child is kept in a closed dark room, well fed so he can survive. Gets no experience to colors, shapes, walking, jumping? May be he comes out of this dark empty room after 20 years and it wil be very difficult for him to operate in the world. He has almost ZERO contextual knowledge about colors, animals, people.

Of course this was an extreme example. Conducting an experiment like this would not only be difficult but also cruel. But it explains my point VERY well.

When a child is kept in closed spaces, lacks experiences he will struggle to build upon and learn anything new.

The world is full of patterns , every seemingly unrelated activity or area of learning leads to develop mind to learn something totally other unrelated activity better.

When a child spends time in construction of a wall he learns about the concept of area without the definition.

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