Injustice root cause theory in schools

By priyank

There are THREE main reasons for all wrongs and injustice in the world, and how we can fix them

What is wrong: we need PROOF to establish it.

We say something is wrong because there is logic and evidencce of how and why it is wrong.

Prooving something depends on three factors. And ambiguity and loopholes in these make space for all injustice and wrongs in the world.


1. Time/result instant vs late principle

Some results take time to come out. The more instant the result, the quicker the

Vaccines are considered safe because you take and everything is normal. But if the side effects are quick, then

similarly alternative medicine is considered ineffective, because it is taking time to show the results.

there’s a sub PRINCIPLE in this PRINCIPLE

The more time it takes, more difficult to prove causation and correlation.

So if someone dies from heart attack after 3 years of taking vaccine. It will be next to impossible to prove causation and correlation.

Simiarly, if someone gets diabetes better by eating tomato , it will difficult to establish the fact that

2. Power/interest principle

If there’s a personal vested interest or power quotient, then people won’t accept that and try to cheat the system to not PROOVE it.

no amount of truth, proof , evidence can encourage a wimpie person who puts his self interests/emotions first.

3. Visible/invisible principle

Some scars are invisible. Some abuses are invisible. And people take benefit of this and keep doing what they do.

Schools damage children in their future, and their minds. Now the DAMAGE is NOT visibsle. So it continues.

Antibiotics, Anti depressants cause a HAVOC

almost everything in the world can be explained in this phenomenon.

schools – damage not show

time takes to prove something good

how to get past this fear.

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