Leave data for computers, stories for humans

By priyank

I am against textbooks.

Textbooks are just pure information in sequential manner. That’s not how brain really works.

Humans are wired to learn through stories. So if you want children learn anything. The fastest and the most lucid way would be through stories.

You mostly forget all information you learn in mathematic books. But you very well remember scores of your favorite game.

Stories are experiences , experiences are tied with emotions.

When we listen to a story, we experience the emotions. And we remember emotions more than data.

In fact, the data that is stored in our brain creates some sort of emotion.

Think about the world Mount Everest!

The moment you think about mount Everest, you do not see the picture of TEXT BOOK definition. You see a picture of mountain.

Images, stories are like pre-digested information that brain can digest quickly.

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