Life design – one thing or many things?

By priyank

Many people get confused if “one thing” approach is better vs many things.

Should a child learn many things? Or just focus on one thing?

Here are some of my suggestions regarding this

  • Many things is better
    The more we advance into modern age, we are led to believe that we must focus on one or two things. And specialize only in them. Doing anything else is a waste of time.

    While everyone talks about giving freedom to their child to play, or choose their career or what they want to do. But when it comes to practice, the actions of parents are completely different.

    Human brain does one thing better , if he has done many things.

    If you learn music it won’t just help you in playing music or art. But it will make you a better communicator.

    Similarly, if you engage into swimming or sports, you will be able to take better risks and become a better team player , or develop leadership skills in a corporate office.

    If you learn photography, you will be able to better create presentation for investors.

    None of this is rocket science, but we get so illusioned in present moment that we forget these facts and act on our instincts and follow the mainstream herd system without looking at the alternatives.

    Specialization is for industrial age

    How to find someone’s CALLING
    I am not against specialization, we will all get best at a certain thing. And to FIND that certain

  • But not too many
  • One thing at a time though
  • switch things
  • breaks
  • Few years one thing, few years another

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