Life is about living not preparing for it

Out of most skills in life, engaging into the project or activity is how we have lived our lives for years.

Back in the day, a child born in a tribal jungle, that had no industries or schools. No indoctrinition would grow up learning different skills.

He would learn about cooking. He would learn about using medicnies. To hunt, to fight. To create art. If he was an artist, he would sing the song in front of the audience, which would be family, friends right from day one.

They would nt have to WAIT before the REAL action.

The REAL LIFE activities were not only the way to learn but ALSO

So life became the school for them.

The day we separated REAL life and learning and made a specific place for learning that we call schools. That was the day we made learning difficult. Unnatural.

Schools are designed to STOP children from experiencing REAL life. It is designed for “Preparing for life” rather than living it.

The problem with that a learning that goes on like this lacks

  • Context
  • Reward
  • Teamwork

All of which are key emotional factors that sustains LIFe and LEARNING.

If you had to learn swimming, how much would you learn without really jumping into the swimming pool?

If you want to learn about the MOUNTAINS.

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