School makes either slaves or rebels

By priyank

Children in school system are either slaves “good boys” or rebels “outcasts”.

The reason is simple, in school you re rewarded for following orders.

The format of class textbooks and the way things are taught in schools is mostly unnecessary, untimed and not cater to the needs of children.

With schools we are trying to micromanage and control a natural process that is best done naturally without intervention.

Fear, push does not work for real learning and is only making your child learn less, hate studies. And really making the lives of children miserable because they are living either being a slave or a rebel.

Can we imagine , a child who does nt feel comfortable with academics is then getting all complaints and invalidation? They turn towards other short term pleasures. They start stealing, lying, being rebels.

The ramifications are stronger on both ends. The other end, children who become subservients and slaves do not question anything. They are following orders as it comes.

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