Selected Suggested Readings for any modern day parent

By priyank

I can bet, if any parent goes through all this content with an open mind and can still send their child to school.

i think more than 90% of parents, would never do that.

although i have tried to collect some material on this blog. I think these authors have really explained the concept so well which are beautiful in their own way.

Before you start reading
Start from yourself, your own experiences about education. And life in general. Start questioning the systems that we live and abide with.


  • Why do these children love school
  • Summer hill

Peter Gray
Peter Gray introduction

  • Play – how children learn

John Holt books and quotes:

  • Why children fail
  • Unsuccessful school

weapons of mass instruction

Summer Hill


More films to understand children pscyhology and parenting

  • 400 blows
  • Fany auch Alexander
  • Where is friend’s home

Also Read:

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