The best of schools cannot match real life

By priyank

If i have to make my son a musiican, i would rather take him to a real recording studio working on real work, experts coming in.

Taking him to a school, where someone who is himself learning and new, to teach through theoritical and make the process whole boring. would not be the idea that would seem pragmatic and better.

Schools no matter how big and rich, cannot match the quality of real life. The quality of instruction, experience, and exposure that happens in real life can rarely be matched at school.

For one, the primary reason for this is that teachers are usually in the job of teaching. Teaching in a classroom model may mean just giving a tiny slice of what it is and explain in words or pictures.

While if a child goes to an architect office, he can visually experience a real building being built out nof the design they are working on.

Schools just cannot match that level of visual and practical aspect.

That’s why i feel schools cannot match real life, and it is pointless to send your child to school for learning any skill or about life. Because schools hampers and restricts that learning.

Schools are great visually representing learning. Children sitting straight, writing and doing homework. This may visually appealing as a “so much work is being done” process but in reality it would be causing more harm than any good.

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