What an ideal childhood should be like?

By priyank

this blog stems out from my need to help the children. but the context of this project is rooted to life’s philosophy that i discuss in detail in my other project www.thinkovert.com

Jungle context

The idea of jungle context theory is that humans were made to live in jungle, like in stone age as hunterer gatherers.

While this may sound pretty straight forward stupid idea. Calling life in jungle ideal?

Living without any of the technological innovations, medical facilities , hospitals, and the comforts . May sound lunatic and stupid.

But any theory should be given a fair chance to be heard. And i am NOT saying that we must COPY the exact lifestyle, but we must be inspired by the jungle model of life.

While this project is talking about education, childhood. The root philosophy is LIFE.

You cannot give a good childhood to any child without fixing the CORE philosophies about life.

Along with great things, Modern times also bring their own baggage and negatives. And we have to mindfully choose what is usefull and discard what is a negative.

If I have to quickly sum up everything contained in this blog. Then I would say that IDEA children do not have to

Key facets of childhood in the jungle

Let us try to get a quick overview of how life was like in the jungle.

the Basics of life in the jungle

Let’s quickly go through some observations on what childhood was like in the jungle.

Parents spending time with children

Child abuse minimal or non existent

The context

Key facets of childhood in the modern times

Parents do not spend time with children

Child abuse is rampant and growing

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