Why are schools not relevant anymore

By priyank

Schools and training institutions were set up to train and certify people who could be employed in newly set up factories and offices around 100 years ago, when indudstrial revolution was taking place.

They were mostly required to do the clerical work, maintain accounts. Today, those jobs are mostly automated and there are more people to do such jobs than the jobs available.

50 years ago, there was a shortage of literate people who could read, write, do accounting.

A degree and certification in any of these skills would guarantee a job.

But today, the demands have changed. Degrees can take you only so far. Today for economic survival you need to know how to communicate, work in teams, research and have creative thinking.

Schools are not designed to teach life skills

Schools take away these qualities from a child. It kills creativity, it restricts a child to find his own answers. It does not encourage team work.

Research has shown that schooled children are less confident and lack risk taking, and researching skills.

The demands of modern era have changed

Most children today, have to solve complex problems , should have multiple skills, right from making a website, to video editing. Even doctors, psychologists today run a youtube channel.

Of course, one can probably survive without these skills and this is not the only way but it is essential for comfortable economic survival today.

No matter which profession you are in, you will do better if you have these life skills. Only a tiny percentage of people will get a job just based on just a degree and passing an exam.

And even if they do, doing good job in whatever stream they are in, they will need to have life and thinking skills that are needed for a better performance.

Online classes are better than traditional classrooms

There are hundreds of recording lectures available on YouTube these days. Even if someone wants to focus on

School social circle

The only missing

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