Why i don’t teach for money

By priyank

I have many skills under my arsenal which i could turn to a business.

  1. Money is for time, not for value
  2. Money makes me calculative – and want to show the proposition bigger
  3. People will pay for time and basically to make things complicated and not simple
  4. I understand that guided autonomy is best way of learning
  5. if i teach something quickly/with less , i will be paid less
  6. I think knowledge should be freely accessible.
  7. And i think if someone has taught me something, that usually cannot be measured in dollars.

And I would nt deny, i have taught for money. And while I do accept donations or renumeration . I never tie it to any package or curriculum.

My teaching of a skill is FREE from biases and business logics.

Money is for materialistic things. I mean its super easy to count value of something tangible. For instance, gold, iron, silver. Or even plastic.

But it is absurd to try to put a value to teaching.

I mean, think of it, if you pay a teacher by hour. Would he make it

That’s why i think money is the root cause of lack of growth in the world today. It restricts flow of ideas and information.

Not just money, i don’t even charge money for consulting for health, education purposes.

I do accept donations, cause i need money for now, until i reach a point when i don’t need them.

Money is just a lot of work . To manage, organize, pay taxes.

This time could be better spent in doing things creative.

To make information more accessible to all.

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