Why learn everything, perfectly?

By priyank

This is no secret that to get the best results we need to do one thing at a time.

Or at least few things at a time.

If you were traveling in aeroplane from New York to Mumbai, and the aeroplane spends time

Have you ever went on a long drive? Or worked towards a difficult or complex goal?

You’d sure know that that requires focus and time.

I mean if Michael Jackson was studying in school and doing grades for a majority part of his life would he really become a celebrity that he became?

Why does a child has to learn details of everything?

A little math is ok

How much math do we really need in day to day lives?

It just does nt make any sense to learn math beyond primary leve arithmatic unless you are choosing that profession academically.

And even if you do, these can be learnt as and when required.

How much sense does it make to spend time in learning and memorization of information that the child won’t use

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