Why many unschooling models struggle or even fail?

By priyank

I know some unschooling projects that started with pomp and show but died slowly. I also read experiences by parents who tried unschooling but evntually stopped doing that because they felt it was not bringing good results.

In this article we will talk about some points on why this happen.

Not Starting afresh

Many unschooling community learning spaces try to follow the same classroom , structured model of schools and build from there.

They begin with the schooling model, and try to do things differently. The core strucutre is clearly inspired by how a mainstream school is designed and placed.

The classrooms, structured time table. Learning with less stress. Children spending time in adult supervision. Learning in terms of

Of course, they bring along some good “middle ground” changes are good steps to a happier childhood.

But they alone do not foster best childhood learning.

As humans it is our tendency to replicate known models in a different way. It is very difficult to FORGET what we know. And FOREGTTING here requires a conscious effort.

Time taken

Slow results

What results you are after

Taking a completely fresh different approach

It is a little difficult to completely change from

Pro-school people dictating the process

People who do not understand the intricacies of unschooling will bring their “at least, must haves”. This eventually leads to a label


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