Why unschooling is like oxygen for ADHD kids

By priyank

ADHD kids are a very sensitive lot. They feel too much.

They either don’t put an interest into something and if they do, they immerse themselves deep into it.

Schools do not allow them to be themselves. They are not made for it.

They are not very good multi taskers and they don’t carry out executive functions that dont interest them.

Now, one way to “cure” ADHD could be to work hard and make things work Or another option is to put them in an environment that is made for them and where they naturally are at their best.

ADHD can be a superpower.

An ADHD child can be an amazing artist, designer, scientist and researcher. But that can happen only if they have little distractions and good environment that helps them focus on to something.

They also have rejection sensitivity dysphoria and one negative experience gets stuck into their head for very long, impacting their quality of life and productivity.

With unschooling, these children get an option to follow their heart and work according to how they want to and their instincts.

They are not only going to be more productive but also that will feel better about themselves and be more happier. And stronger emotionally.

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2 thoughts on “Why unschooling is like oxygen for ADHD kids”

  1. As someone with ADHD, I agree that interest based homeschooling is a great idea. However, I always take issue when people say “ADHD is a superpower” because that invalidates all the work I do to exist in a neurotypical world. It also makes me feel like I’m not allowed to struggle or feel overwhelmed with my symptoms.

    • Hello thanks for commenting. And you are right that struggle for ADHD is real. We have total agreement there. When do we call ADHD superpower? When it gets right amount of freedom and acceptance. Otherwise the pain is immeassurable.

      So totally agree!


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