Why you should unschool your children?

By priyank

To give them a LIFE, take them out of SCHOOL

School is a factory, in factory you can produce things, but factory is usually not a place for creativity, mental growth or learning.

Schools were made for spreading literacy. They had nothing to do with education. Literacy could be one way of attaining education, but that’s just one of the 100 other ways.

We have been trained to think that schools impart education. No they don’t they impart literacy. And their role should end there.

And this is no secret. Most of you, know about school. Have been to school and if you stop and look in detail you will find that schools and classroom dont help much after 5th standard.

A child learns either by himself, or by peer groups, or by

Many people view unschooling and homeschooling as some sort of hippie culture who wants love, peace, and leave the materialistic world.

Trust me, if you really want a secure future for your child.

If you want him to gain and grow materiastically. Make good and probably lots of money. Do exceptional things. Or just be sure of his well being. If you want all of that. You really need to consider unschooling your child.

Any decision is good or bad depends on how you execute it, rather than the decision itself.

That’s why i strongly recommend that you unschool your child only when you understand what it really is rather than following the trend because its cool.

I think its better to school a child in an “unschooling environment” rather than homeschool in a “schooled” way.

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Taking a children out of school is scary, not because there are any dangers

But we are primally wired to follow the tribe. And listen to the masters. Hence, it feels more secure to follow the path where everyone is headed.

But, if you get into the details, and really understand where the path is headed. And once you have the MAP of where it leads to and what are the options. You will definitely leave the crowd. And find a better place for yourself.

One of the main arguement i get against unschooling is that

How will children learn xyz things everyone else is learning?

economic sense

security and certainty

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