You cannot control learning if you do, it will be counter productive

By priyank

There are two types of tasks in the world, one siple straight forward manual tasks. You can schedule and structure them sure.

But the thing with creativity , learning, understanding, immersion is something you cannot TIME that. Or have a control.

You have guide through the process but you can never exactly hand hold and move things the way you want .

Its like watching a dream, your actions can influence what kind of dreams you have. But eventually the dreams will happen automatically.

We have to understand this from a learning perspective. That if we try to use brain like a computer or machine, we are not putting the best use of it. It is a way complex machine , and thousands of factors come in play on how it will function.

Brain does not work like a machine, it has wierd unexpected ways. Sure we can predice, guide, but cannot control at least not in a straight forward way.

It has its quirks and once you understand them, you can put the whole thing into better use.

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