Awareness Campaigns

Ad campaigns and case studies documentaries


  1. Fish born
  2. Adults punished in government colleges and schools

  3. Schoolize a great topic
    1. Game – Cricket theory etc
  4. Punishment
    kneeling down does not teach him a single new word
    only thing children learn from corporal punishment is that violence and abusing is OK.
    They learn that being in powerful position gives them the right, to hurt and subjugate others.
    As long as it is justified.
    They do not learn to negotiate, discuss. Or solve problems.
    They learn to act on their primal instincts and abuse and attack.

    fear can restrict, it does nt change or make someone a better person. once the restriction is gone, the ailment comes out.
    fear cannot create interest. or creativity. The problem with fear is that it looks instant, thats why most people want to adopt it. but its not healthy.

Campaigns / experiments

  • Literacy experiment – with or without classroom
  • Certificate model promote

  • You know how your child is doing in math, ever wonderered how he is doing in LIFE skills? Risk taking, problem solving? Working on a child’s MENTAL strength is important.Make him mentally strong. Then he can fight and win any fight, pass any exam. Just fighting an exam without being ready for it has big chances to fail and increased dependency.