Every child is a

If he gets the right
autonomy and

We are childhood freedom advocates

Children learn best when they are free. When they play! When they LIVE and not follow!

– playgic

Importance of childhood freedom is no secret!

But most of us in modern times don’t give that freedom to children. The reason is simple, we are scared and the stakes are high. We don’t want to take any chances and most of us end up in stressing children to ensure their safety.

This is what we want to talk about! Our whole attempt with playgic project is to try to rationalise the insecurities. We know, children are not in control of their lives. And we are here to convince the masters and stakeholders of children to let children be free!

Of course, we are driven by philosophical emotions, but our temprament is majorly scientific! We understand that people understand logic and numbers. We try to bring in that as well.

We will do anything, that’s required to bring clarity and rationality in what we are doing with children.

What’s the need of childhood freedom awareness?

Childhood is not like childhood anymore,

it has become a battlezone! A preparation of war! Parent and child relationship has turned into a employer employee relationship. The intensity might be different, but the trend is clear and pattern is definitely visible. Its no secret!

The rising mental health problem starts from childhood. A better childhood definitely is the base for better world. Can we imagine anything else? No!

What is playgic?

playgic is not a startup, not an NGO, not a school. It is an open ended framework that anyone can use or adopt. We are ready to suggest and answer your questions within our will and wit. And try to pacify the fears most adults have in regards to how will children learn without being taught or controlled

The discussion is about learning, but the goal is “survival”. Survival is also closely knit with fear. And fear is many times irrational.

This project is not even about degrees. That is not the aim. It is just a detailed request to be mindful about children’s well being. And know that people won’t buy the idea of “happiness” alone. We try to bring in the science of why freedom actually helps better!

Action is antidote to stress,

but some things are better left to be on their own!

When we are stressed about something, we want to do something about it. When we care for something, we are primed to DO something about it.

Is nt it?

But, sometimes doing more than what is required can bring negative consequences. And this is what is happening. Parenting has become difficult, draining time consuming and the outcomes are getting worse!

What if we tell you that better parenting is less parenting? What if we tell you that parenting can be effortless and rewarding!?

We are not against parents!

We empathize with your fears and challenges being a modern day parent. It is daunting. The modern world has its own challenges and it is all right to feel anxious about it.

When we are anxious, all the “happiness” hippie mumbo jumbo does nt make sense to us! We eventually go back to cater to our fears and anxieties. It is natural because action is antidote to stress.

But in the process, we sometimes we overdo things. And that makes the whole effort counter-productive.

We not only make happiness our premise but also share insights on how why you can prepare children for ECONOMICAL and mental survival in MODERN times.

And we could be wrong!

Playgic is a part of Parinda Life philosophy network.

Parinda life philosophy, is a philosophy of life that aims to improve life for one and all on the planet. You can learn more about the parinda project on www.parinda.net

We are not anti (but) social