Concepto unschool workshops

conceptorials are workshops and orientation sessions that don’t spoonfeed children but provide them the exposure, resources and

upcoming courses and workshops

Categories of skills to be acquired is mixed

When we are talking about learning X thing, it can never be limited to X. Like most things in life, things are RARELY pure.

For example,




How to Learn category

In How to learn category, we explain the best strategies, and environment to learn something

  1. How to excel in school and competitive exams
  2. How to study maths
  3. How to improve academics
  4. How to study music
  5. How to go about Language learning

Academic section – Coneptual learning through LIFE

  • We Don’t do academics from within textbooks. The academics are LIFE oriented. Meaning? what is the significance of any academic in the life.
  • For example, if we have to teach geometry we will conduct a workshop of home making, or shapes etc. We won’t talk about the shapes and theory part of it. Once the child goes through the process , he will automatically build the theory part in the brain.

Academic exam Excelling

  • Academic exams are a



Bootcamps are workshops where people come together and TINKER , experiment and play and work on any project. The PROCESS is the Outcome of the workshop.

So there are no tests, no assessments,

Cooler Making workshops

  • Topics:
    • Different type of coolers – wood, etc
    • AC, system
    • Peltier module
    • AC DC motor.
  • Cocopeat workshop

Health and Sports

  • How to be a great sports person
    When children study Health and Sports, they learn about physiology of the body better. They learn about Nutrition
  • Different exercises and research

Arts and films

  • film appreciation
  • 2d and 3d animation
  • Stop motion animated films

Democracy and law/legal

Growing food farming urban other

  • hydrophonic
  • aerophonic
  • without soil cocopeat
  • farm

house building and architecture

  • building from natural materials in a forest
  • finding, building
  • stones etc
  • explaining how these skills translate into real world skills

Graphic designing

Creative writing

developing into Empathical being

democracy dialogue

Other mixed :

  • Vegetable market
  • Flea Market
  • packaging and selling

Life skills mental

  • minimalism Stoicism
  • Inclusivity
  • NVC – non violent communication