Conceptorials – guided courses

Although the main goal of khelo project is to unschool and reduce load from children’s lives. We also think that guidance/environment and peer learning play an important role in learning.

Playshops are workshops where children get exposure to various fields.

Conceptorials are oworkshops where guides help in learning any topic or skill through guidance rather than spoonfeeding.

We strongly believe in self and intra learning. But some guidance and environment is helpful.

Guided apporach of teaching:

  • Workshop and project based learning
  • Guided learning

Here are some of the conceptorial courses and workshops that we offer

  • Web development
    • blogging
  • Writing books
    • publishing books
    • marketing books
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Portrait photography Photo editing
  • Film making
  • Acting
  • Starting a business
    • Vegetable business

  • Music
    • singing
    • composing music

The idea of coneptorials is to create guide and not dictate. And the course would be different for each and every child.

How is conceptorials different from classroom –

  • Very less instruction and theory
  • Practical application and experimentation
  • “jump into the water” right from day 1. Start experimenting and producing results
  • No competition or ranking, only feedback and assessments.
  • Intra learning – encourage group learning
  • Learning by experiment and experience, rather than definitions and theory.
  • Every workshop is directly connected with life. And the project is aimed to quickly translate to economic value at some level. For example, if there is a training for short films, the workshop will provide experience
  • Most of these workshops are conducted only by professionals and not teachers. People who are working on real work projects. They might not have the degree but the experience.
  • The goal of the project is to incite interest and cut the theoritical and definition overload. Which once if children learns the basics can be learnt through books/online videos. And rather easier. But that would be optional.