For governments

We are ready to work with governments, if they need our help in implementing our unschooling princilpes as mainstream education system.

We believe, governments have the power and resources to bring a bigger change. One tiny change from them translates into bigger change a million efforts by a single person.

So definitely, we are more than happy if any governments are willing to bring about a change.

You can check out various articles on our website where we have extensively written both about the problems with school and also why PLAY is highest form of learning.

We have also explained how, unschooling can become mainstream in various articles. On our site. So yes, it is very much possible.

However, we don’t contact the governments directly. Neither are we interested in any grants or selling our services. But if any government needs our inputs on designing a learning system. We are happy to help.

But we are not selling anything. And we don’t care about the usual diplomatic shenanigans. And the moment we feel that you contacting us is merely a “ceremoial exercise”, chances are we would back out of the project with a polite notice highlighting just that.

We are running this project purely out of interest and joy. And our primary goal is not money. We do accept any donations. Because we like keeping ourselves independent, unbiased and unaccommodating to keep the purity of thought.

If we keep money the priority, we will try to please our customers. And we will accommodate our ideas to their comfort zones. Which will defy the whole purpose.

Benefits of unschooling as mainstream system from governance perspective

  • Lower costs in education while increasing the quality
  • higher learning, economic growth
  • Increased entreprenurship skills
  • Lesser crimes – higher happiness index
  • Less job seekers, more job givers
  • Better healthcare

How can we add value :

  • In most cases, the government stakeholders and decision makers can

But we have following terms:

  • One point contact