Every child is a

If he gets the right
autonomy and

We are childhood freedom advoactes

When we say we are advocates, we try to put facts, and reasoning on why children should be FREE. Answer and clarify apprehensions and several other .

But playic project is basically aiming at one thing “Childhood freedom”.

playgic is not a startup, not an NGO, not a school. It is an open ended framework that anyone can use or adopt.

playgic is a part of Parinda Life philosophy network.

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Why has parent child relationship turned ugly in modern times?

Modern times have turned parent and child relationship toxic. Parents are seen as enemies to their children. and parents see children as a burden. In majority of traditional cultures, this was nt the case.

Even to this day, tribal cultures parents and child relationship is the most celebrated one.


happier childhood for a better world.

Our promises and approach

Humanity is the goal
Philosophy backed up by
science and logic >