Start here – The basics – The life framework (curriculum alternative)-

The Life Framework – is a set of frame and guidelines for parents starting out who need some kind of strcuture to follow. These are just some ideas and roadmap of things. This cannot substitute learning the basic principles of unschooling. But only act as an aid.

  • schools problems – lack of autonomy
    lack of exposure
    lack of teamwork
    lack fo research
    lack of planning/maanagement
  • following subsevience


  • resources + exposure

resources – games/tools etc – not that important

exposure- interacting with others – when we are interacting we are either teaching or
what exposure really means?
just how a person watches good photos and photographer working,
something attracts, and we want to watch it and replicate, from kaansen to taansen, but tansen is important step
if someone is not a tansen it can be difficult to become tansen

out of sta

Embracing Failure





Lifeculum is not curriculum what to learn. But a certain set of guidelines and philosophies on how to design a life for your child after taking him out of schooling system.

What i have learnt is, that the most “alternative” schools can be very much “mainstream”. And many children who take schooling lessons are actually

What differentiates schooling from unschooling is freedom and autonomy. To treat children more like human rather than machines.

It is a flexible set of guidelines on how you can CURE your child of ill effects of unschooling and design your OWN life that is unique to your child and its needs.

While in our basics section we go into the current system in our lifeculum section we are providing with an alternative system for you to follow.

But bewarned. This system is NOT a use it as is, Spoon feeding approach. And if you are looking for something like that you can copy and replicate.

Look elsewhere! this is probably not for you.

Treat these are mere suggestions and guidelines. And use them at your own wit will and need and critical educated mind.

Set the ground right

how to embrace uncertainty as a parent

  • Made for jungle
  • binary moods
  • Certainty need parents
  • Rationalize your fears
  • how embrace uncertainty

Core Values to follow

  • Living Life not preparing for it

Understanding Schooling

  • Standardization


  1. Start from what’s available – interest in what’s around.
  2. Life learning through play
    • safe zone
    • experiment
    • promote failure
    • Reduce fear
  3. Time for relationships
  4. non standardization
  5. Fish in water
  6. Experiences not information
  7. Not memorizing but using information
  8. project based learning
  9. contextual based learning
  10. autonomy
  11. intra learning
  12. Focusing on environment
    1. exposure to new places
    2. vists and workshops
    3. internships
  13. Assessment methodology
    1. Assess what they know
    2. open ended
    3. project report
    4. presentation
    5. teamwork
  14. Teaching Methodologies
    1. gamify
    2. creating environment / exposure
    3. how to design an environment
  15. project based
  16. working in teams
  • Life skill development
  • communication skills


  • language learning
  • skill development
  • Money management
  • Share market

Guidelines by age:

  • Age 1 to 5
  • 5 to 9
  • 9 to 13
  • 13 to 17
  • 17 and above