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Our main aim is not to sell our services but to promote unschooling. SO you can join us by promoting unschooling in your life and to the world around you.

We also believe that every learner is different and should have a journey.

Membership option

  1. Online basic memberships
    Online basic membership is a good place to start interacting with us. You can get access to all content on the blog including ebooks/articles published on groups.
    1. Telegram channel and group –
    2. Whatsapp broadcast list (Joining form)
    3. email – newsletter
    4. Discount Access to Workshops
    5. Free or discounted Member webinar
  2. Local Playgic parenting groups
    1. Parenting groups run and managed by parents
  3. Other


We conduct some webinars, about certain topics from time to time. These are great ways to connect and learn about unschooling.

you can sign up to our

Run a local khelogy branch

We think, community living is a great option. You can start your own khelogy branch, sort of like a

However, we also plan to run some online programs that you can join .

Most of our programs are either free, or involve voluntary donations.

I also provide one to one consulting, if you want to consult for unschooling , there are good chances that i would like to help. My initial sessions are free and are in groups. So

Later on, you can opt for individual consulting, should you have any questions or especially if your case is critical. You are finding it difficult to manage your relationship with your child. I would be more interested in assisting you to recover a loving relationship. The basic aim of this project is not education or instruction. It is , a happier better life.

We plan to set up various parenting groups.

Every Khelology group is unique and the owners design their own way of functioning. But the core principles are aligned with the

  • facebook group
  • telegram channel
  • App
  • email list

  • Assistance in environment design and experiences for your child