Start Here / basics

About this project –

  • Priyankeshu –
    my story , family background, bored, reading, cyber cafe, various professions

Intro hook chapters

  • Why unschool?
    • Aim of this project Happier life , empathy, literature, world , stop being slave grow in life.
      – education, happiness,
  • What school really means


The context of everything – life

  • two type of emotions – survival – two type of tasks
    Life vs school 0
  • Leave data for computers, stories for humans
  • Preparing for life vs living life
  • Education vs Literacy
  • Feeling vs thinking
  • Live smart vs hard?
  • Life design – one thing or many things?
  • Why schooling and hard work is useless in 21st centuary
  • We have to choose our challenges
  • What is wrong with hard work

How learning happens/Brain category

  • How learning happens / brain basics
  • Thumbnails – some intro and then link