Children love watching sports, films, why do they hate math/science academics?

There are some common principles in teaching-

  • children

(Most) children do not like academics. Especially if compared with

As a child , i remember how my passion for watching cricket was often compared with watching cricket.

I could watch cricket for hours, without eating, drinking. I would nt get tired.

But if i had to read the history book for 1 hour, i would get bored. And feel sleepy.

Some misconceptions:

  • Children cannot be engaged into a subject/topic for more than 30 minutes.
  • sports is easy that’s why

And the moment mom allowed to watch the TV serial, the sleepiness would vanished and joy/laughter would replace yawning.

The questions that are raised on the system

The questions are

  1. can we make academics as interesting as watching films and movies?

  2. What makes something interesting?
    brain digestion/ pictures/standardization/flexibility/freedom/context/stakes/stage of understanding basics.
  3. Should we made academics a priority, how important it really is ?
  4. How we can make academics interesting ?

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