Facts about school most of us agree with

  1. children who were good in studies got help at home. Had someone at home, who would sit and teach him/her and that resulted into better learning.
  2. Most toppers lacked street smartness. They were subservient and worked like robot. They would nt question things. And rarely took part in sports. Ofcourse exceptions were there, but mostly true.
  3. Most children who took part in sports, and were street smart did bad in studies and were average.
  4. Most children who were good in sports do better later in life. Choose unique professions and
  5. Children who were first generation learners struggled.
  6. Most social studies lessons, were limited to reading the lessons and memorizing definitions. Teacher had little role to play in imparting knowledge if any.
  7. Children who were bad at Math , remained bad because their base was weak. And because they failed in math, they lacked any interest in it. Besides, the school system was nt designed to
  8. Most people born in 1950-70s and did their schooling later in life learnt as good as

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