Let’s question school system

In order to get better results we need to question the status quo. When we question something, we get into the mode of scientific thinking. Because, questioning leads us to getting into the details . To experiment, to look for options.

All of this eventually leads us to clarity and better results. We should question everything and anything and nothing is perfect and invincible.

. Here are some questions that we should put in front of schooling system.

PS: the answers are pretty self evident, and expose the loopholes in schooling system inherently.

  1. Time boundation of learning
    Why Should children wait for xyz months to give exams? If they are already ready for it?

    If a child has already learnt everything, is nt holding him back to give exams a waste of time for him?

    example: one of my friends worked in his father’s office who was a chartered accountant. He knew more about accounts in first year of college above 3rd year level of learning. but he had to wait three years before he would be awareded a degree.

  2. School system considers everyone’s at one level
    Why does school system consider everyone at same level? These are children, with each one of them having a different level of understanding and interest in things.

    When you discuss this with teachers and management. The solution is “extra classes”.

    Now the question is simply, this, if we knew that the child is not learning as he is not level of that standard. Why make him sit through the torture for whole year. And then also teach extra classes.

    Such a waste of time and energy for everyone!

  3. How does school system accomodate differnt learning speeds?
    Everyone learns at a different speed and time. Some take more time initially and others take
  4. Why fail child if he fails in one subject while passing in other?
    The whole concept where a child has to repeat whole year, even he has passed 3 subjects jsut because he failed
  5. Do Exam system really tests the Complete knowledge of the child?
    The exam system only tests what child knew from what came in exam. Not what we actually knew.
  6. Why should a child learn all subjects?

  7. Is life limited to learning 5 academic subjects?
    There is so much more to learn and do in life than 5 academic subjects.

    But all the “hobby classes” like art, music, games hardly get 10% of time for children and academics get 90% of the focus.

    Academics, that too in such a mechanical way drain the learning joy out from a child. It takes away passions and interests. It is killing an entire generation.

    is nt that mean that passing or failing is dependent on luck?

    Should nt be an education system’s assessment give child an opportunity to

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