School opportunity cost?

An average middle class family spends approximately 1,00,,000 to 1,50,000 rs per year on education of one child.

That is approximately 15 thousand per month. This is double the minimum wage in India.

And this does not include other expenses, like the books etc.

Have you ever questioned this expenditure as a parent? And thought of alternatives?

Even if you choose to school your child and follow the set standardized system. Sending him to school is terribly counter productive idea.

IN 15 thousand rupee a month, you can arrange specialized classes for your child. You will even save a lot of money.

The money, thus saved could be spent on books, travel experiences. Which will foster much better thinking and life skills in your child as compared to sending him to school.

Schools are like average shops that sell everything.

If you want your child to be a sportsman, it makes much better sense to send him to a specialized insitution like

Now the same money can be spent in a much better way. Even if you choose

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