The cycle support analogy

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As a parent it can be VERY enticing, tempting to SUPPORT your child into learning cycling.

Because you want him to

  • Learn faster
  • Learn Better
  • Be safe

Just how a child should get minimal support while learning to ride a cycle. Until you LEAVE the child the child would never LEARN how to ride without the support.

Now of course, the cycle riding is a visible clear activity. And its not rocket science difficult to understand how important it is to ….. LET HIM BE without thesupport

But same does nt happen with other non tangible activities and learnings. Be it academics or little things in life.

As parents and educators, we KEEP intervening into the learning process. All in the name of “supporting” the child, wanting the BEST for him.

The result?

A child who has been raised with “continuous control and support” grows up to someone who cannot ride a bycycle without support. Replace bicycle as any skill in life. Be it academic, life skills, creative thinking, problem solving, research and what not.

A child who got “support” in making decisions, following schedules, never grows up to be an individual who can be on his own.

He is under confident because he has never RIDEN the life without external “support”. I call this support external intervention.

This is the simplest and best example of what schooling and controlled parenting does to a child. A 10% intervention, to ensure basic safety. And to provide him with a cycle “resources” is a good thing.

But anything that goes beyond that. That controls the process too much, or try to affix him into your CONTROL.

Makes him into a wimpy, under confident, adult.

Control is the KEY word here. We are obsessed about CONTROLLING the process. We are insecure, we love our CHILDREN and want best for them.

But this LOVE is harming and hampering your child’s mental development.


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