The “is cool carnival” learning center model (opposite of school)

Points to cover:

  • Carnival brings us a sense of joy. A place where we celebrate life. I think life is also like a carnival and something should be celebrated and not regimented, unless for some boundaries.
  • There are many facets of a carnival which are very inviting for children.

The history of education and childhood :

  • children grew up in extended families
  • children would have free time and then they would go and observe how things heppen
  • they would help the elders, while they work on the projects

How to present same scenario in modern time

  • same is not really possible, but once we understand what is exactly happening we can slowly reach there.
  • Brinnging real professional adults
  • Literacy and learning happens as they live life, not for learning itself
  • Preapring for exams as a different skill set
  • Most natural way of learning.

Some “stalls” we can have –

  • Art section
  • Workshops
  • Computer/media
  • Movie room
  • Farming / gardening / play area
    • water conservation
    • fish breeding
    • open big country models etc
  • Library
  • Meeting/presentations / auditorium (tedtalks)

Lots of open space, some rooms to store stuff and shed model.

Adults coming in and working on projects,

Activities :

  • Travel programs and traveling iteniaries

Other ideas:

  • can start without a building using some rented room or empty plot with shipping containers storage areas.
  • Library is a MUST, workshop/art is a must.
  • Balance in age groups.
  • small common
  • The experts can come in some times, and whenever possible, they get workspace to work on these projects,
  • the bulletin and schedule can be followed to connect and attend those workshops. and take it from there.

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