We learn most as Helper with Expert Than in a classroom

There are various set of life skills we have discussedin previous articles, but today i want to talk about specific technical skills.

Like music, etc that can be best learnt through being around an expert who is workign on a project which is REAL life.

It might not have definitions, explainations, but the observation of the visual and process can teach everything.

This is also confirming the fact that school can never replace real life. That’s why in our life curriculum we plan to have buildings without schools or science labs. 80% of ADCarnival isCool (trademark this?) run outside of the learning center. Be it a workshop, travel, or others.

the only thing learning center is used for is casual hangout, dicussions,library, sharing of resources like music instrument, science labs etc. Which also we promote to develop at parent’s houses.

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