What is wrong with hard work

Even a donkey works hard.

Compliance and hard work without assessing the situation, the alternatives is like working like a donkey.

I am not mocking donkeys. I think they do an amazing job, and their effor is leading on to some FAVOURABLE outcomes.

But the key word here is OUTCOME

Energy and time is not infinite, whenever we spend money we want some output. Either materialistic or some kind of pleasure.

Similar is our time and will power and brain. Limited resource.

Hard work is relevant in manual straight forward tasks. Sure, but with advent of machines hard work is becoming less and less relevant. I mean hard work alone is becoming less relevant.

Today, you can purchase a copy of Twitter website script in $20. Working hard to learn programming from scratch and building a script like that would nt be the best investment.

A better skill to have is to Write Off the paths that are rather longer and difficult. And rather choose the ones that are easier, interesting

That is why, we need to prioritize and select the battles which are relevant and rewarding.

What is the point of preparing for a war if there was no enemy. It is a waste of time and energy.

School does not give freedom to ASSESS the investment, rather trains to DO THINGS without questioning just like a donkey

School teaches student to comply and do EVERYTHING that is stipulated on them.

This way, children never learn how to prioritize and do things that brings most results. They have to do everything that is given to them.

This is a terrible way to think if one has to deal in real life.

Life brings challenges and so many options. One has to think out side the box and do something , do that ONE THING that makes everything else irrelevant.

Or else, a person can waste years of his life doing thing that was irrelevant and giving less (or probably no time to thing that really could have made a difference.

People who are unschooled, and emotionally healthy always take risks and try out , out of the box options. While the schooled children will stick to the “system” and play it safe and never try to disturb the system.

They don’t question or go out of the status quo.

Mental health aspect to being subservient

Now, of course, not everyone and not everytime you need to think out of the box or do things differently just for the sake of being different.

But one cannot deny, the fact that this has led to feeling of lack of control of their lives to people who were schooled.

And once, that happens. The cases of depression, suicides go high.

Leaving “innovation and growth” aside. The whole system where a child is taught to STOP living like a human, but rather act like a robot on orders or how he is programmed is not very healthy for a human brain.

Before you say

Now, many people might respond to this whole article saying that, some structure is needed, some

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