Self learning case study

This is a story from Dr Mitra who is an education scientist, who conducted an experiment,w here he just provided a computer to slum and rural children in India.

These children did not know English, neither they knew how to run computers.

But with collective “Play” they were able to run computers, play games and even solve problems related to chemistry of college level.

Now these are first generation learners. Who have little to no idea about computers. And this was in 1999. Atthis time, computer and internet penetration in villages are next to none. Smartphones were not invented and even phones were a rarity.

And this was not a single case study. Several such experiments were conducted at various places and the results were same.

Children were able to learn and use things, without needing any adult supervision.

And these were 8-10 year old children.

This is a wonderful experiment that showcases how intra learning

key takeaways

  • Learning happens best in play model

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