I can’t convince you about unschooling unless you give it time

Most parents i talk to agree that schools are not perfect.

They largely agree that schools have their limitations and problems. But the moment it comes to taking children out of school or changing their ways on how they treat children. They don’t follow it.

Then there’s another category of parents who have tried unschooling their child, but they leave the debate with judgements , citing their negative experiences. These are also the parents who are trying to find a middle ground between schooling and unschooling.

I have written a few articles explaining how their FEAR they choose a lesser good option.

Good vs better vs best

Clarity for understanding harmful effects of school needs time.

Details need time to observe and connect Optoins

If someone thinks that unschooling is bad and wrong without giving it enough time. Then the judgement is usually wrong.

Parents and stakeholders are pro unschool on dinner tables , stage, written texts. But their actions do not reflect their words.

the reason is not giving enough time to LEARN and UNLEARN what is wrong with school and what should be

If you are a parent who wants a QUICK, result, then unschooling is definitely not for you.

Unschooling needs thought, understanding, wilingness to learn, giving time.

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