The power of Imagination

Our Brain is a wonderful organ. It can imagine things that reality can never match.

We can astral project ourselves into another universe in a blink of a second. We can IMAGINE the deep seas. How it looks in the space.

The more we imagine, the more we develop a skill to imagine, to make relationships.

But imagination requires empty space, a void If we get a ready reference, than we do not imagine, but we look at what it is as it is.

This is why stories are best told abstract, especially if one wants to develop

This is why i strongly believe that reading fiction and stories can make you a great scientist. As it develops skills to imagine possibilities. Fiction and imagination is also be unbounded by reality, belief system and inhibitions. Which leads to a situation where

How schools and new-age methods of teaching kill imagination

New age methods of teaching, starts killing imagination right from the childhood. The books bring clear photographs of the things.

Now there’s a growing trend of using visuals

Abstract images

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