Parents- how to get past the fear of taking your children out of school

Are you one of those parents who understands the caveats of schooling system but still find it difficult to take your child out of school?

Most parents agree that school is counter productive to learning.

Leaving other hobbies aside, even for academic subjects, school and classroom method is a terrible way to learn anything. It is simply slow, sluggish and uninteresting.

While you can find many articles on this website about how and why schooling is harmful and not good for any child. If you still feel afraid, then this article is for you.

Fear stems from lack of knowledge and clarity

The root of any fear is lack of understanding and knowledge.

We are afraid of ghosts, because we can’t see them. We don’t know them.

Most comedic horror movies, when the ghost comes out he looks rather funny than aghastly.

Same is with unschooling. The reason why you are still unsure, is probably you are also
“schooled” so much to believe that schools are a safe bet for your child’s future.

You don’t want your child to miss out on something , the opportunity that everyone else has.

But only if you study and deeply understand how school is exactly doing the opposite of what you want. You will take your child out of school.

Begin with your own observation and start questioning the system

I think self observation is a great way to learn about anything in life.

  • Think about your time in school, how it helped you or did nt
  • Think about possitbilities and alternatives

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