Language acquisition

If i have to sum up learning language fast , it would be , to use the

A very good video that explains how language is acquired FAST.

Key take aways:

  • Getting to a basic level of communication
    • Comprehensible input ( use words with context)
  • Bombarding yourself with that language
  • Grammar, /word lists at initial stage, is totally unhelpful

All these points and more, are discussed in detail below.

The way languages are taught in school is the most slow and obstrusive way. Not only does it takes long years to acquire a language.

The languages acquired through textbooks never build the skill to THINK in the new language. As much as the natural way.

  • How we learn languages This is no secret, we have seen
  • A word about grammar
  • Alternative methods – natural way of learning a language

phonetics and listening

Learning languages

  1. first level
    start slow, small 100 words, basic phrases, actions, and
    master that first, and once you re comfortable you will automatically propel into next level. without even knowing or thinking
  2. second level
    – songs, poems, music, reading movie

How we learn languages – the basics

most language should start with listening, even if you don’t understand, listen, start speaking slowly, later on . like a child does

We learn languages best when we LIVE with it. When we use it in daily life.

How language gets feeded into the brain

the sound patterns (phonetics) lehzaa by listening

Effortless ways of learaning langauges

  • A child learns a language without any formal training.
  • When we interact due to travel or shifting to another country, we learn a language rather faster.

The factors

It is pretty evident, that Environment and use of language in day to day life is best and quickest way to learn a language.

A child learns MORE language in 2 years as compared to

Tips to learn language faster

  1. Don’t follow the classroom method , esp in beginning.

    Unless you want to take a very long time
  2. Listening to langauge sounds/accents even if you don’t understand
    Just listening to a language, even if you don’t understand a word and trying to copy can help in learning the lang
  3. Language learning process The biggest problem in academic language acquisition is, that it jumps to making complete sentences

    I would like to give example of people working in tourist spots, they learn very few sentences and words and use them in day to day life. The biggest trouble is try to memorize all the words or increase vocabulary inititially.

    Once your brain grasps the very basic words , soon you will find yourself improving fast. Then graduate to next step

    Small Set of words in beginning

    Use Phrases

    Use words in your known language

  4. a word about Environment
    1. shifting to another country
    2. live with people who speak those languages (anuopam kher/ other street children video example)
  5. How to build an environment
    1. Interact online
    2. Watch
    3. recordings, and banners
    4. songs/films books/ other content
  6. Other techniques
    1. Context speaking
    2. practice with actions

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