Our aim – give children childhood back!

We want to bring back childhood as it was known a hundred years back. matching with the 21st centuary needs and challenges

What is Natural Childhood?

Natural childhood is about giving a child FREEDOM – FREE TIME – AUTONOMY – For BEST child Development! Along with a healthy community, open play area, resources and safe healthy place to develop relationships.

A childhood connected with NATURE, fostering healthy RELATIONSHIPS parents as FRIENDS and not BOSSES. And adults as friends, not instructors. Collaborators and not masters.

Addressing parenting challenges in modern times

Modern times, parenting is becoming difficult, too much responsibility on nuclear families. With Playgic framework is environment that fosters a healthy relationship with parents. Also, brings in the healthy community factor so that job of parents becomes easier. This is especially good for single parents, or nuclear families. Who don’t have time to cater to the child.

The playgic framework, is aimed at creating individuals with divergence, creativity, conviction, confident, happier, soulful living beings and not robots! For a better society and better world.

We give a SCIENTIFIC factual reasons to adopt “playgic method”

Science is a collection of tested facts, we do the research, present facts, numbers, clear cut observations to JUSTIFY why children should be given FREEDOM.

As human beings love numbers, facts we back our philosophy with rationale and facts. Not mere opinions. Opinion is an observation without fact. The moment you have some data with clear distinction it becomes scientific. And that’s what our approach is.

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