Playgic Hostels – a solution to modern day parenting

Playgic Hostels is a place where not more than 10 families and 20 children stay together. These should be located 1 hour travel distance through medium road transport.

Playgic hostel highlights..

  • Led by parents managed by parents shared by parents
  • Benefit to parents:

Benefit to children

  • Every child gets a safe, natural, healthy environment!
  • Every child gets to utilize his POTENTIAL through self directed learning.
  • Every child gets FREEDOM and FREE TIME for mental health.
  • Every child gets enough exposure to OBSERVE and community to INTERACT and LEARN.
  • Every child gets EXPOSURE.. and pool of community EXPERTs and BEST guidance for his career and PASSION.

Playgic centers –

Playgic centers bring the best of both worlds, It designed with scientific rationale considering the needs and limitations of modern day busy lives of parents.

Caters to the needs of 21 centuary –

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. A child gets Open space, healthy interaction,

Parents take the lead

Playgic centers are set up by the parents, run by the parents. We are only providing the platform/guidance and assistance with resources.

Busy parent gets relief

Many playgic centers double up as 24 hour residential centers where children live, work, play and enjoy. They are also very close VICINITY of their home so they don’t feel deprivation of being away from the family.

None of the playgic center should be more than 30 minutes distance 10 kms in city and 30 kms in countryside distance. So that a child can come home or the parent can visit him.


because playgic learning framework is flexible, it does nt neccesarily requires children to attend “classes” all the time. In fact, many parents and children are out on tours and exchange programs with other centers.

We strongly believe that children should explore the world OUTSIDE. Of course, when they are

The community factor

A close knit small community of parents can start one playgic center. It should preferably have a few rooms, some open play area kitchen/garden to grow own plants and some rest room.

in fact, we ensure that one playgic center, the main members don’t exceed more than 10 families. This keeps things sinple, less political and more open.

We also, make a guideline that there is more of barter culture,

Sharing the cost, responsibility and resources

Also, being part of playgic group can provide you with pool of experts, group buying discounts of memberships, network with other centers.

Temporary and minimalism factor

Most playgic centers are also never permanent. they should never be owned by any of the parent involved. We want the process to be as democratic as possible. Even if a building of parent is used, it should never become property

In fact, we do not recommend even registering the organization of trust or a society. We think it is unnecessary and creates heirarchies and complicates the process. We love simplicity

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