When you are keenly observing something you feel like you are part of it

Self driven Observation is the highest technique to learning.

When we observe something we learn it. Like we are doing it ourselves even if we are not.

A child who has seen his father/parent driving a car and been on road trips would automatically learn so much about driving without even asked to learn any of that.

And when the day comes when he has to drive, there’s a good chance that they will require minimum instruction if any to drive well.

I remember how one of my friend who had proper mental development drove car for the first time.

He “picked up” the keys without asking the parents, he took two rounds of the inner locality area where he lived and he felt confident and took it to the main road and drove all the way to his friend’s home.

Of course, this was a sort of an extreme example.

But that’s how it happens.

We put ourselves into the shoes of others, and imagine as it is happening to us.

But this won’t happen if we have fear of something, then we do not observe and imagine, we go into fight or flight and not imagine and thinking bright.

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