Summing up things i have learnt about childhood WRT 21st centuary

After writing on this blog for around 1 year, i want to sum up some of the things i have covered into one post. Centering around what are the SPECIFIC needs of children in the first centuary.

Peeking observation is the best teacher – modern children do not get much opportunities to peek observe

I think learning happens best when someone is peeking observation. Where they are almost like stealing the moment, gathering that information as it happen.

Today, children are brought in the scene as a stakeholder. And that takes away the interest. it is a classic example of reverse psychology.

If i ask you to do something, you would feel a resistance. But you can do the same thing with more interest.

Free time is paramount importance – something children now don’t get

Free time is the time when children’s brain makes connections, wonders. I have written profusely in support of importance of lots of free time. Not just for mental growth but also its well being.

Today, children’s majority of time go into not just spending time in school, but also getting prepared and commuting to the school.

If school was nt enough, we have other “activities” where children are kept busy to make MOST of their time.

Less is more – children get too much in modern times

Less is almost always more! is nt it ?

The human nature to desire for more, ends up getting less. Doing less. Stressing more.

Same is happening with children.

5 toys are better than 100 toys. Few friends are better than many friends. Few relationships are better than many ones.

Just how our stomachs can eat little, there is a limit how much our brain can process stimulation and information.

Overloading it with too many options , just does nt serve the purpose well.

Living in countryside is better for children – with open spaces animals grounds

children should be in open spaces, fields, forests for best growth

unwatched unattended time – not a privilege modern children have

children are constantly under watch these days. Well meaning adults who want their child to be “safe” are constantly telling them to

“not go there”,

do not climb that wall.

Not only it is causing harm to his learning process, it is also very obnoxious. I cannot imagine how adults would feel if they are constantly stalked and controlled by someone.

We hate being in such relationships. Children are the same. They do not like to be watched and told all the time.

In the past, children had more of such free time. Yes, they would fall down, sometimes get hurt, but it was all part of the process of learning and growing.

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