Unschooling purity test

Just taking your child out of school does not equate to unschooling. Unschooling is more than that.

There are many “unschooling” schools, organisations and parents who claim that they are unschooling their children.

I have visited several such schools and met parents who are “homeschooling” their child with aim of unschooling.

That they are different from mainstream schools and call themselves, alternative.

  1. Is it a life driven approach?
    If your alternative approach focuses on preparing for some exam, bigger long term materialistic goal as a primary action driver then there’s a good chance that you are NOT unschooling your child in real sense.

    The core principle in my opinion is that one should focus on LIVING life rather than preparing for it.

  2. Self driven – inspired by environment

  3. Autonomy

  4. Self directed learning

  5. Play AKA no stake

  6. Unconditional love and acceptance

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